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Virtual Diocesan Confirmation Retreat

This online retreat experience designed to be easily accessible to parishes, students, and sponsors. This virtual retreat is designed to be completed from home by the Confirmation candidate with their sponsor. After each talk, they will be guided through discussion questions with the provided discussion guide. Together, sponsor and candidate will be led to a deeper understanding of the power of Confirmation. The virtual retreat will include videos, discussion questions, music videos, and helps for further study and reflection. The retreat will be available in both in English and Spanish.


Interested? Please contact jpratt@diocesefwsb.org for more information.

The virtual Diocesan Confirmation Retreat will be available on the diocesan website starting the first week of October 2020 and it will continue to be available at least through May of 2021. Parishes may ask candidates to complete it on a specific date, or week, or simply to complete it before a certain date. All the talks, videos, and music are pre-recorded and so students and their sponsors may complete the retreat at any time.

How Can Our Parish Use The Virtual Confirmation Retreat?

This retreat is offered to parishes free of charge due to the tireless efforts of our team of high school youth, priests, the Office of Communications, and youth ministers who partnered to make this come about.

1. If your parish/school is hosting an in-person retreat, you can use this as a make-up retreat for those who cannot attend the in-person retreat at your parish.

2. If your parish/school is hosting an in-person retreat, you are welcome to use any of the content from this virtual retreat for witness talks, teachings on Confirmation, or helps for preparing for Confession.

3. Do a hybrid retreat! You can "assign" the retreat on a certain date and ask students and sponsors to complete the online content at home before coming to your parish for Mass, adoration, and/or confession.

4. Your parish/school can also adopt the virtual retreat as your Confirmation retreat for the year. It is geared to be usable by candidates from home. Candidates and sponsors should view the videos together and submit their discussion question sheet with some of the talking points they had during their participation in the virtual retreat.

One of the resources we will provide is a discussion guide that will include space for students and sponsors to write down some of the topics of their discussion together. A parish or school should pass these out to candidates before "assigning" the retreat and collect them afterward as a way to marking who completed the virtual retreat.

*Pentecost painting courtesy of St. Joseph High School, South Bend